It all started one day I was taking a shower with my girlfriend. She suddenly unscrewed the shower head from the hose and used the jet stream to stimulate her clitoris. The bell rang! Why not to combine the jet stream stimulation with a normal vibrator? I did some research and realized there was nothing similar at the market so I decided to fill up this gap. The task was bigger then I could have ever imagined and took several years of developement. Fortunately I was connected with reliable and experienced people in the industry and finally got the idea to reality.

The final product “H2O Vibe” reached the market in the end of November year 2014 and is now spreading like a wildfire across the world. Drop of Sweden is now a well established company in Sweden and handles all distribution from our warehouse in Nyköping, where we also safety-check all products before shipping out to our customers.

– CEO/Founder, Robert Karlsson